What I wore Wednesday....

17 August 2011

It seems that Wednesdays come around ridiculously fast these days....
This morning I was totally unprepared...
so was grateful when Briony obliged and took a couple of photos before she left for school.
(For some reason my photos were all very blurry..but I don't have any others....so they'll have to do this week)

Its hard to know what to wear in this weather.....one minute the suns out....and its hot....next....a dark rain cloud rolls over and its freezing again......so the answer to that is layers.

Top - Temt....an oldie I've had a few years now.
Jeans - Jag (recent Op shop purchase)
Singlet - black bonds
Pink woolen coat - Op shop
Scarf - Op shop
Shoes - my favourite black wedges.
Necklace - my gorgeous owl necklace....a birthday gift from Janelle.

What are you wearing this week?

I'm off to check out these gorgeous girls who so often play along....
Janelle, Yvette,  Charlotte, Car, Kylie and Lis.
and the beautiful Miss Jane joins us this week too


  1. You look gorgeous in pink! I don't think I've seen it on you before! The jacket is gorgeous and looks beautiful with all the layers.

    I remember you wore your Temt top to the retreat and I loved it so much that I went in to buy one for myself. But it looked HORRIBLE on me! I didn't buy it - it looks so much better on you!

  2. Love the pink coat- it really suits you!
    the answer to your question is on my blog!!

  3. Yes pink is your colour...style and colour of jacket really suits you!

  4. You look so stylish, Im loving your outfits. That pink is so pretty and looks so good on you.
    The weather is abit like that here at the moment too.

  5. ooohhh...i love this outfit!! looks great on you & that jacket is super cute & just the right cut for you!! GORGEOUS :0)

  6. I LOVE that pink jacket on you, you really rock the jackets for sure! I nearly bought you a red cue jacket on Sunday too from the oppy but wasn't quite sure. Anyway, this outfit looks gorgeous on you, super stylish. xx Janelle

  7. I have serious pink coat envy! You look great in it! The whole outfit is so lovely together.

    BTW what is this TEMPT that you all find stuff from - is it a NSW shop? Or am I just not with the program?

  8. I adore that pink jacket on you Mardi! Lovin' all those layers too...another cute outfit!!

    Sheree xx