What I wore Wednesday....

24 August 2011

Its Wednesday.....and that means its time to put my insecurities aside...
.and step out in another outfit.
I'm LOVING this warmer weather....although I am a little sad I cant wear my boots anymore..I had grown so attached to them....in fact I even had a dream about them last night...how sad is that.

Dress - I think its a Big W brand...I bought it from an Op shop in Rockhampton  while on holiday.
Cardi - Temt (Thankyou Janelle.... I've worn it SO much)
Beads -actually belong to Alex...but we have a bit of a communal shoes and accessories thing at our house.
Shoes - black Target flats

I've been loving my Wednesday blog hop to see what these stylish girls are wearing too....
..and also the beautiful Lisa Leonard who was a real inspiration to me getting started.
(I hope I haven't missed anyone.....please leave me a comment so I can add you to the list....xx)


  1. You look so pretty, that dress is just beautiful and the necklace and cardy match in so well. Now if you could just send some of that warmer weather up this way it would be perfect :)

  2. Your dress is so pretty and your cardi and beads match perfectly!

  3. Very cute outfit Mardi.

  4. Gorgeous Mardi! I adore the dress and necklace - super pretty and they really suit you.
    Mel xo

  5. very gorgeous, I love your frock, and I wish I had a yellow cardi like that one- posting mine now, and Ive just noticed I did the 3 photo thing too LOL

  6. i like it...i like it alot!! cute cute cute little cardi & LOVE that aqua necklace too...mmmm warm weather :0)

  7. Anonymous2:07 pm

    Ha! I have that cardi and Molly has that dress!! Good taste :)
    Looking gorgeous Mardi xx

  8. You are looking ready for spring today, we are experiencing a week the cold & wet weather, so it's back to jeans for me this week. Photos on my blog :)

  9. The perfect spring outfit Mardi! Love it!!

    Sheree xx

  10. I love your summer dress and gorgeous yellow cardi! I have yellow envy again. How cool to have communal accessories. I guess Tassy and I are almost there! She always wants to borrow my jewellery anyway LOL.

  11. I love your dress Mardi:) It really suits you....well i love the necklace and cardi to....im going to play this week if its ok...im trying to find more time to play with my Blog but if you could please add me it may give me the push to add a bit more often...as well as my op shop finds....we are going to the salvos i saturday i think...might see you there:)

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