12WBT update...

8 September 2011

Wel I think Im ready to begin....
Ive followed every pre-season task to the letter.

Ive set my goals....
(I hope to get rid of an excess 10kg over the next 12 weeks...and fit back into my favourite jeans....and be able to get my rings off my fingers if I wanted to...
Id also like to be quite a bit fitter than Im feeling at the present.)
Ive measured and weighed....
(eeek.....yep....bit of damage done over the last few months)
Ive cleaned out the pantry and fridge....
(if you listen to the kids...there is nothing ever in there anyway....lol)
Ive geared up...
including ordering a heart rate monitor...

...and some new shoes...

Ive re-joined the gym...
(Ive been promising and promising my old gym friends Id be back.....I think they thought it would never happen....Im SO excited about it now....
Im sure I needed my head space to be right....and joining any sooner would have been a waste of money)
and Ive printed out my nutrition and fitness plans....

So...over the weekend I want to grab a few clothes suitable for training...
and load some exercise music to my ipod...and Im all set.
I cant wait to begin....bring it on!

(I am chuckling to myself....in a little sinister chuckle....knowing that by mid-way through next week when Im juggling 6 training sessions....work....cooking meals...shopping...and all the other crap that pops up in the week....Ill be regretting the "bring it on!!" comment.... but Im determined to give it 120%...so Ill suck it up...and get on with it.)


  1. Anonymous7:58 am

    yah you awesome motivation chicky .. goodluck xx

  2. woohoo! Bring it on indeed! :)) Must do my measurements today... uuuuggh. Good luck mardi... xx

  3. Good luck with it all... esp next weak when reality hits ;-)

  4. Sounds like you're off to an awesome start! Go Mardi!!!

    Sheree xx

  5. Anonymous9:41 pm

    Sending you lots of positive vibes and motivation. Just take one day at a time and try your best :)

    As the saying goes "It won't happen overnight but it will happen".

    Have a wonderful week end from Susan McGuire (smiles1965) xxoo

  6. Yay, go team Mardi!

  7. Go.......Mardi.......Yay!

  8. Hi Mardi!
    Just wanted to say hello and goodluck with the 12WBT, I am also following the program and have set some big goals to achieve.
    Hope you're first few days have been kind and your muscles aren't too sore :)
    x Lauren

  9. I've joined up too via the Huggies forums. I am excited and scared!! Can't wait to follow your journey!