What I wore Wednesday....

14 September 2011

Life sure has been hectic this last week or so...
I feel like I'm always at work ...and never at home....
not to mention that we have just arrived home from the most wonderful weekend in Melbourne....

and then this week I began the 12WBT program.
although I'm loving it so far.... I'm still settling in to the routine...
trying to fit in my exercise sessions around work....shopping and preparing meals.
Of course it will get easier...and Ill get into the swing of it.

So.....my WIWW this week is the combo of clothes I packed for Melbourne.
We flew with only one small check in bag between us...
so I packed lightly....and comfortably...and maybe not that glamorously....
seeing as footy was the focus of our trip...and there was a fair amount of air and car travel involved.

Grey tunic dress - our local clothing store 
Black leggings - Target
Boots - Duo (this was the only footwear I packed)
Coat - Target 
(I almost bagged this up for vinnies a few times...
.but I'm glad now that I kept it hanging in the back of the wardrobe)
White top - Target ...and well worn and loved wardrobe item
Stripe T top - a recent Op shop find
Denim vest - Just jeans last year
Jeans - Jeans West
Peach colour T - Jeans West
Grey scarf - local pharmacy
Beads from Diva....and the most gorgeous necklace from the Dusty Plum etsy store..which was a beautiful surprise in the mail from Janelle a couple of weeks ago.....its absolutely gorgeous.
(Another thing that I love about it is...
it has a pin at the back and can easily be removed from the cord and worn as a brooch.)
....here it is in a little more detail.

Check out these gorgeous girls who so often play along...

I cant wait to get back into my summery clothes...I'm very over my winter wardrobe.


  1. WIsh I looked that good at the footy lol Love all the looks, the necklace is so cute :)

  2. Lookin gorgeous mardi! :) good to hear you are fitting everything in... it is a real adjustment period atm isn't it? I'm loving it... aches and pains notwithstanding!! It's all good!! :)) xx

  3. Thanks for the gorgeous pics of your necklace Mardi! So glad that you like it. XX

  4. lllooove them all- everything looks really comfy too :)

  5. Loving all those outfits, particularly that grey tunic top! How cute is that necklace :)