Thrifty Thursday

15 September 2011

Well I did manage to squeeze in a little Op shopping last week...
I popped in to my local Op shop and just inside the door in a styrene box full of fabric scraps I spied these...

Just a little more to add to my ever growing collection of fabric...

I also spotted this little buddy....
I havent decided if he is cute or ugly...but I love him anyway....

and he fits in well with my little growing family.

I also came across this dress for Briony...
its a Lily Whyte brand....Ive never heard of it before....but its lovely and soft...and will look gorgeous on her.

So I think I had a pretty good week..... how did you go?


  1. Anonymous10:01 am

    yah you're back! you did well this week. I scored a few items this week too, have been busy restoring the stuff i picked up last week at a garage sale . will show those off over the weekend ;)

  2. Anonymous11:19 am

    Ugh! Loving your little owl collection Mardi.. I'm so jealous:)

  3. Anonymous1:16 pm

    Great shopping once again Mardi. I love the new owl, it is very cute.

    I don't have much choice of op shops here in my suburb but I have been buying some fantastic bargains on ebay lately. I just recently bought 3 new summer dresses for myself all for under $20 which I am thrilled about.

    Have a wonderful day and keep smiling. From Susan McGuire (smiles1965) xxoo

  4. Cute owl Mardi! Love your little owl collection! I seem to have my own collection going too...and I've got the same white owl! LOL Great finds again this week!

    Sheree xx
    ps. I've just done my first ever Thrifty Thursday post if you'd like a peek?

  5. Anonymous9:40 pm

    What a cute owl collection! And the fabric finds are lovely. x Moi