21 days to getting organised...

3 October 2011

I make myself laugh really....
Im always enticed by an opportunity to turn the mundane into something fun.
I'm not sure what is more motivating....the challenge.... or the organisation at the end.

So when I came across this on pinterest...
I couldn't resist ..
and I've set myself the challenge....
I know I wont achieve it in 21 days.....but Id like to think Ill get it done.

Check out 'a bowl full of lemons' for the challenge details...
First up is the 'Junk drawer'
I'm just not sure which one.....we seem to have accumulated a few of those.

I did however spend a few minutes this morning cleaning out the medicine cupboard.....its all neatly stored in new plastic baskets now.....and all the out of dates have been discarded.
Its nice to make a start.


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  1. Love this idea Mardi. Might jump on board. I have been slowing going through cupboards over the last two months and my medicines are also all in baskets, my bathroom is the same and under the laundry sink. I sorted out my tupperware about 5 weeks ago and all my lids are in one basket (stacked sideways) and it's so easy to find a matching lid to a container now. I love organising things, just hard to keep in organised sometimes lol