10 things....

12 November 2011

Its been awhile since I made a random family post....
so here goes...
10 things.

# one -
We spent a lovely night out at the club recently celebrating Halloween.
In the past we haven't been Halloween celebrators...but it was such an awesome night....and lovely that we were all out enjoying it together.
I can see it becoming a real family tradition.
The club was decorated in all its Halloween glory...and the girls got into the act with some little Halloween hats. (Well Brookeys was little...)

Bells had a larger one....

After dinner the kids got to go trick or treating.....

Then the evening was finished off by a night ride on the Cobby steam museum train.
We chugged along in the dark.....
and Brookey kept me warm as she snuggled up and nodded off to sleep on my lap.

# two -
Ian and I filled in a mid-week afternoon with some yabbying.
We took Bella for an outing too.
I don't recall ever worrying about my kids as much as I worried about her.
She wore her life jacket the entire time....and pulled the nets out of the water quicker than Poppy could throw them in.

# three - 
Brookey loves slides....she climbs up the slide part and then slides down backwards on her tummy.
This huge one at the playground takes a bit of climbing though.

# four -
Shes a bike riding girl.....she has those pedals all worked out....it wont be long and Poppy will be removing the trainer wheels.

# five - 
I've been trying to attend here every day.....obviously work gets in the way occasionally.....but I do my best.

# six -
One of the fun parts about finishing year 12 has been the occasions like 'Muck up Day'
The year 12's get a chance to let their hair down and have some fun.

# seven -
One of  Brionys final child studies assignments required her to make a small movie - it was a lot of fun being a fly on the wall when Hannah, Athy and Kate came for a visit and to make their movies.

# eight -
I've had mixed success in the garden.... my tomatoes and sage are growing well....and the nectarine looks like it may be loaded with fruit.....but my cucumbers have barely grown and I've sewn two lots of basil and not a plant in sight...):

 # nine - 
We have been loving the Barmera playspace playground.
Its such a beautiful place to pop for a visit and the girlies always love it...
that is....the older girlies and younger girlies.

# ten - 
It didst seem long ago that my baby was starting school.....then she was a senior...and now she has almost finished....well techincally she has....all the work is done....just waiting on results.


  1. What a beautiful family you have. Do you have 3 girls? xx

  2. Great catchup post Mardi! I can't believe how fast Bella and Brooke are growing up! Love all your pics!

    Sheree xx

  3. beautiful pictures!!! beautiful moments~~!

  4. Came to you via our lovely Library lady congrats on the win and what a lovely quilt you found.Love your blog so am going to be your newest follower since I am a fellow opshop addict lol.