Thrifty Thursday...

10 November 2011

Just a tiny little share today....
a couple more piece of vintage fabric to add to my pile....

and this cute little bag....

One thing I do find amusing when I purchase at the Op shop is the variance in the prices charged depending on who serves me. They are a bunch of lovely older women.....some of them are so generous and almost give away things like a pillowcase.... and others are obviously a little more frugal...and so each of these fabrics were $2.00 each (the yellow one is a pillow case....and the purple is an apron).....I don't mind at goes to a local charity....but it I do find it entertaining wondering what each purchase will be worth.

Thats all from me folks..


  1. love the bag!- its a very interesting dilemna Mardi when it comes to pricing at Op Shops....I was at a Salvos the other day and they had a Tupperware cake container (the one with the handle) for $25..I was quite amazed to be honest..while it is great for the charities (as long as the money is going to the right place) I think there is a fine line where they are risking pricing getting too high and stock not moving through the shops as quickly- they will end up with a backlog of goods...also, it has gotten to the point that those in real need of cheap clothes/furniture often cant just walk in and buy something because of the premium prices charged (for someone in a desperate situation it can really help their self esteem to feel self sufficient) - they are then forced to approach the charities for help reinforcing their I said it is a dilemna the charities face and society face- we are helping, but making it harder at the same time...apologies- I will get off my soapbox now!have a great day!!

  2. Lol I was just thinking the same thing as I drove home from the OpShop this morning. In this case the ladies are generous & the gentleman wants top dollar.

  3. LOL!
    We have a "random price" bakery near us, which charges whatever price they feel like at the time! Often they charge me less when I'm with Will (same nationality!)
    Great buys!

  4. Great fabric Mardi and I love the colour of that cute bag!

    Sheree xx

  5. Anonymous6:00 pm

    agreed Mardi, about the op-shop pricing !! and also agree with janef, I too find the salvo's an expensive op shop now ..... a few months ago I got a near new red hand bag for $7.99, now all their handbags are around the $29.99 price, which I personally wouldn't pay at an op-shop !! I regularly donate to them and shop with them and think their pricing needs reconsideration .... JenniH