a Berri Merri Christmas....

19 November 2011

Well Christmas season has begun here in the Riverland....as it has everywhere.
It seems to creep up on us earlier and earlier each year!

One of the lovely things about living here is that we have a whole group of small towns all in close proximity to each other......and they all host their own Christmas events...

Thankfully it is coordinated so that dates don't clash.

Last night Berri kicked off with its 'Berri Merri Christmas' event....

We....as in Brent, Alex and the girls + Mitch and Meg +Ian and I
 headed over after dinner....

Wandered along the street....bought some do-nuts to share...

.....gave Bella a ride on the merry-go-round.
(Poor Brookey will have to have a turn next year.....she was a little too little this year)

Then we found a spot on the river front to watch the fireworks display.
Bella didn't mind them this year.....but poor Brookey buried her head until it was over.

The waterfall of fireworks from the Berri Bridge was spectacular.

So I guess we have had our first official 2011 Christmas function......the silly season has begun!

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  1. What a lovely way to spend the evening together Mardi! Sounds like a lot of fun! We'll be stating with Christmas events this week starting with Madi's kindy Christmas concert...should be really cute! Hee hee

    Sheree xx