Thrifty Thursday...

17 November 2011

I popped into our local store yesterday in search of some more fabrics to include in my
and I was thrilled to grab a few more pieces.....
and a cute little patchwork a tiny little red Bakelite jar.

Here are the fabrics in a little more detail....

and the cute little cushion....
One cant have enough cushions hey!

How was your thrifty week?


  1. That is it...its are the QUEEN of patchwork finds - well done you another treasure find! Bo hoo I have been scouring the op shops for more vintage fabrics (I had a very sad stash) but to no avail, oh well will post off what I have and maybe I will get enough for a lovely patchwork cushion out of the swap! Have a great day x

  2. Anonymous9:54 am

    i did the exact same thing this week and scored some awesome fabrics for the swap! Will post today.
    Love that cushion, and i say you can never have enough cushions too... although everyone else in my house disagrees!

  3. Hi Mardi
    I also found some goodies at the op shop today to add to my stash for the swap. I love it when I see something that is so perfect I almost hyperventilate...and the excitement of knowing it will be mine in about 50 cents time is so delicious! I have two lovely pieces of retro fabric on the line blowing in the breeze right now.
    There will come a time when I will need to stop buying and start cutting my squares. Tommorrow? Monday, maybe...