What I wore Wednesday....

16 November 2011

 I'm wearing out my welcome using the family as photographers for these posts.
Briony is tired of it....
(and I don't really blame her....she has taken the majority of them.....and I'm fussy at times)
and Ian... although he obliges ...gives me a million questions...
"What are these for anyway?"
"How many of these photos are you going to take?"
"Who even looks at them?"
and the best one.....
"What happened to the tripod I bought you?"

So yes I'm rushing in late today....
I look frazzled because I am....
plus I'm fielding all his questions....and trying to look 'normal'...
because apparently I'm mimic worthy...
as after each shot ....he had obviously got an overwhelming urge to imitate my pose...
Grrr men!

Pants - new from Crossroads
Top - also new from Crossroads
Necklace - Briony bought for me from Equip
(Yes its crooked..... He rushed me..lol)
Shoes - old...Rubi
Body - minus another kilo (7.2 in total now)

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  1. You look gorgeous Mardi... so love that top :))

    Jenny x

  2. LOL your family make me laugh. I love your outfit, and your necklace. You really look gorgeous!!! Well done on your weight loss too - you are amazing! xx

  3. Love that top Mardi & you're looking awesome!

  4. You look great! My hubby drives me mad with pics too! I tend to look a kajillion times worse when he takes the photo.

  5. Oh Mardi you're looking absolutely GORGEOUS! I love the white top with the necklace - perfect combo and so fresh and summery.

    As you know Tassy is over it too, but I can usually talk her into it. Sometimes it's a crappy self portrait tho. I wouldn't ever dream of asking Dave. He does NOT get it at all!

  6. Love that top Mardi...and well done on another kilo!! Woohoo!!! You're looking fantastic!

    Sheree xx

  7. I havent been updating from your blog for awile now, I came back this morning, and WOW you are looking great, your weight loss is showing, you have inspired me to get back in control!