Vintage quilt square swap - lets get started.

7 November 2011

How wonderful to have some takers for a swap.
Just imagine....
soon you will have a quilt just like mine...
and that makes me really excited!

Thanks so much for the response so are some further details....and how to get started.
Please sign up for the swap by leaving a comment which includes your email address at the bottom of this post - or alternatively email me direct via the link in my sidebar.
Once I have your email I can send you the postage details and any other information required.
I think a month would be a great amount of time for the swap.....
so please join up and then post off your vintage squares to me by the 7th December.
There is no set amount of squares to swap.....
swap as many or few as you will get back the number you send.
Please include a self addressed and postage paid postbag or similar for me to return your swapped squares in.... its easy to work out the postage......whatever it costs to send yours to pretty much what it will cost for me to send yours back.
Start hunting out some fabric for the swap....please make sure it is clean and in good condition and something that you would love to have included in your quilt....that way.....I'm sure everyone else will love it too.
The squares need to measure 6" x 6" and can be from a variety of fabrics or all the same.
As I mentioned in the earlier post quilt is made up from an eclectic has a vast array of colours and anything goes other than solid colours or unsuitable fabrics...cotton or cotton blend fabrics would be the best.
I had a few questions in my last post so because I'm time poor....Ill add the replies here so that everyone can read them too.
 "can YOU come with the swap and teach me to sew a quilt?????'
"Step by step instructions wouldn't go astray either for the sewing challenged!!!."
Well.....I can do a lot better than that.....and I'm super excited about this....
because....the extremely talented Janelle has very kindly offered to do a tutorial that will explain how to make the quilt with your beautiful new stash of squares!!!
No excuses now girls!!

"I'd so love to join in but I don't think I have any vintage fabric in my fabric stash. :( "
"id love to as well but i don't have any vintage fabric :("

Please don't give up just yet.....there are a few options for sourcing vintage fabric - visit your local Op shops and be on the look out for old sheets, pillowcases or for this quilt try looking for some old clothing that could be cut up.....old ladies dresses or even some old men's shirts are made from gorgeous fabrics.
Ive often found that if you ask at the counter in the Op shop they may have a box tucked away full of old fabric remnants.....dig to the bottom and see what is hiding in there.
You can also source vintage fabric online via ebay or etsy.
I really want everyone to get a chance to join the if I can help...yell out.

and this one..
"I would love to be counted in but I'm in the US, could I still participate?"

Yes of course...just make sure you include the correct postage on the return post pack....and we would love to have you join in. (edited to add: Thanks for pointing out that there may be a problem with international postage that I hadnt considered.....I will call in to my local PO and check out what options would be available...Im hopeful we can work something out.)

Finally.... please spread the word...
The more people we have join.....the more lovely squares we get to swap.
Please feel free to use the image from my blog.

Any questions...please shout...
Ive not coordinated a swap before....and no doubt Ive forgotten something.


  1. I would love to join in too Mardi

  2. Yes please Mardi!!

    I better go shopping!

  3. What a fabulous idea!
    I would love to join in please :)

    My email address is:

    xx Lauren

  4. Yes yes, please include me. I would LOVE to be involved. Super duper exciting!!

    My email is

    Thank you Mardi for coordinating this
    xx Janelle

  5. Anonymous9:45 pm

    yep, i'm in!!

    will blog too :):)

  6. Anonymous9:59 pm

    I can't wait to get started. My email is:

    For some reason when I go to publish my comment it makes me go with anonymous, not sure why.

  7. Anonymous10:12 pm

    "I would love to be counted in but I'm in the US, could I still participate?"

    Yes of course...just make sure you include the correct postage on the return post pack....and we would love to have you join in.

    Mardi, just wondering how this would work? Australia Post will only accept Australian stamps to post back to the USA, not American stamps.....

  8. Please count me in Mardi. Thank you so much!

  9. Anonymous10:18 pm

    ok, count me in !! Does raiding my mothers ENORMOUS stash of fabric's count as "vintage" ? She's been hoarding fabric's since the 70's !!! and she'll be so impressed that I intend to patchwork !! my email is ..... very excited about this !! Jenni H

  10. Anonymous7:26 am

    Yes you can count me in too. Sounds very exciting.
    my email is

  11. Sounds like fun ...count me in.

    thebassettfamily4 at bigpond dot com

  12. Anonymous10:19 am

    Would love to play along! Please sign me up!

  13. I am so excited thanks so much Mardi, my email address is:

    Especially grateful for Janelle's divine intervention, there may be hope for even little ol' me xxx

  14. I forgot to add my email,

  15. Yippee!!! I'm so excited!

  16. Mardi, this is an awesome idea! I will be sending mine from NZ, but I have some Aus$$ I can send for postage.
    My email address is

  17. i would love to join in Mardi! My email address is tatum at woodroffemining dot com dot au now to choose something from the stash :) Tatum xx

  18. Ooh Mardi, I would LOVE to be a part of this!

    Thanks so much for organising it!

  19. Just a thought...would it be possible for people to write their name and location on the back of each square? (pencil or stickers maybe?). I would love to know where each square has come from. :)

  20. Anonymous10:12 pm

    Thank you Mardi can't wait ... Very excited
    Thanks Sharon :)

  21. I would love to be included!

  22. hi Mardi,

    I would LOVE to participate - please count me in.

    My email -



  23. I would love to join in too please. Thanks so much for the opportunity :)


  24. Woo hoo, thanks for letting me join in Mardi! Going to search through my fabric stash now!

  25. Anonymous12:50 pm

    I would love to join to if it is not too late.

    my email is

    thanks Jennifer

  26. I would like to join in as well.