What I wore Wednesday....

9 November 2011

I almost skipped WIWW this week...
Its stinking hot...
I had been at the gym....
I didn't feel very attractive at all.

Then I realised I needed to get some things from the shops...
so perhaps I would have to get cleaned up and dressed after all.

Then while I procrastinated a little more...
I did a bit of blog hopping...
and noticed Janelles WIWW post for today...
which inspired me to try and wear a similar outfit.

So....here is my Janelle inspired WIWW

Skirt - Millers....old as the hills. (has been living in the bowels of Brionys wardrobe)
Top - Temt (a gift from Janelle)
Shoes - recent Op shop purchase
Necklace - gift from Janelle (Yes she spoils me ridiculously)
Body - minus another .400g
I did love that Janelle wore a cardi with hers....but its just FAR too hot and steamy here today.

Make sure you pop by these blogs for more inspiration....
I know Yvette has a cute post today....with a super cute little jacket.


  1. Oh how lovely that you were inspired by me, I love that!! Your outfit looks gorgeous and perfect for a stinking hot day too. Love it!! xx Janelle

  2. Anonymous6:19 pm

    Gorgeous Mardi...and WOW! You are looking great!!!

  3. Mardi you are looking SO FABULOUS!!!! Cute outfit too! You must be feeling so great!!

    Sheree xx

  4. Lookin' good Miss Mardi! Wow, the gym work is really showing :).

  5. You look lovely, so summery and fresh!

  6. I love those colours. You look great!

  7. Anonymous8:39 pm

    Sydney has been having a few hots days lately too so I understand your need to be comfortable.

    That skirt and top are such pretty colours. I always love reading your blog updates.

    Well done on the continued weight loss, your doing well.

    Have a safe and happy week. From Susan McGuire (smiles1965) xxoo

  8. Anonymous10:06 pm

    Wow, you look a lot thinner! well done!

  9. Anonymous10:56 pm

    yes, I agree, the gym work is very noticeable !! you're looking great !! Jenni H

  10. Wow Mardi - what a hot body!!

  11. you look great Mardi- did you get the crazy storms we got- we had the same hot stinking weather too but its now cooled down after the amount of rain we had overnight- Im so glad it has!

  12. Woohoo mardi... you are looking amazing!! Well done sweets! x

  13. Anonymous12:33 pm

    Mardi, I'm a bit of a lurker on your blog but HAD to comment today to say a big 'Well done' on your weight loss. You really look thinner!

  14. i thought i had commented here Mardi,...you are looking beautiful:) i love the skirt you salvaged from Brionys wardrobe:)
    The gym work is sure paying off, well done!