What I wore Wednesday....

23 November 2011

There have been some unexpected benefits to hosting the 'Vintage square fabric swap'
and one of those is..... that I actually got my butt into gear....
and stitched myself a skirt.

I had been hanging onto this vintage linen fabric for ages....and then...
I realised before I could cut up the remainder to swap....
I needed to actually make the skirt first.

So....using this BRILLIANT 'Make it Perfect pattern...
I whipped it up....and its fabulous.
Its going to be well worn over the summer months I know.

Skirt - made from vintage fabric using a 'Make it Perfect' pattern
Top - Temt
Shoes - Rubi
Thats it folks.....its a no frills Mardi today!


  1. Look at you skinny-mini!

  2. Oh wow, I even have that Make It Perfect book and haven't made a single thing from it. I think I've only looked at it once! I will definitely have to have another look and make myself a skirt like yours! It looks fab and what cool fabric! You are lookin mighty fine Mardi!

  3. Gorgeous lady! Love your skirt! I too have that book and like Yvette, haven't made anything...the fabric is absolutely beautiful!!!
    PS Love the schoolies pics and your beautiful briony looking more and more grown up by the minute.

  4. Loving that skirt and the fab fabric!
    Clever you!

    I got my parcel of vintage sheet material from Lea yesterday, it is lovely! Thanks for the link to her blog.

  5. Your new skirt looks fabulous Mardi! Love that fabric!!

    Sheree xx