She survived.....Schoolies 2011

23 November 2011

Schoolies at Victor Harbor....2011

Briony and her friends had been planning and anticipating this for months....
It was the highlight of their final year...
the big bang at the end.

I have to say....
I wasn't too worried......its so well organised these days....and they are good kids....
but the car travel there and back did concern me a tad...
Not so much them driving.....but just knowing how many young ones from all over the state would also be on the road over this weekend..... so you may have heard the huge sigh of relief
when they all arrived home safely again.

They were bubbling with excitement....
it had been a wonderful weekend....lots of memories....experiences....and perhaps not a lot of sleep.

There were 5 in Brionys schoolies gang...
including her boyfriend Jarrad.....and bestie Hannah...they booked a cabin.....and caught the bus to the festival each day.

She also met up with and spent a little time with some of her childhood friends from Bordertown....
as well as bumping into her cousin Brock.

She spoke highly of the respect she had for the 'Green Team' a most amazing bunch of volunteers....
(Here she is in nerd night costume with members of the green team)

 The rest of the story is just a million laughs....
and after listening to the stories and seeing the rest of her 160 photos....I know she will have great memories of this weekend for many years to come.


  1. Aww, thats so great she had a positive and fun schoolies experience! I dont know of any kids that went from Gunnedah and its such a shame cause it is so well organised now and fairly safe! What an experience though to remember for ever! My daughter was looking forward to schoolies this year, but she left school to go to Ag College and schoolies isn't the same if your not a schoolie!!! haha

  2. Anonymous9:03 am

    Hi Mardi, In a blink of an eye our children seem to just start school, then they are finished!
    Good luck Briony for the next chapter in your life.
    Mardi I would love to join your vintage swap if I am not too late. I am having trouble emailing you, my address is
    Thanks Mardi for a great swap.

  3. So great to hear they all had such a fantastic time! They deserve it after all the hard work they've put in! They'll remember it always. :)

    Sheree xx

  4. She looks so happy! A huge congratulations to Brioni and Jarrod, what a wonderful achievement!

    And Mardi, I saw your gorgeous cover on the Christmas SM - congratulations to you! It is completely stunning!