We have often wondered....

15 December 2011

What would Bells look like with straight hair??
We are so used to seeing this mop of curls..... that its hard to imagine anything else...

But then yesterday evening as Briony was straightening her hair....
Bella sat and asked for hers to be done too...
Briony began..... thinking that Bells would soon tire of it...
but she didn't...
she sat patiently....
reminding Briony " to be very very gentle"
and when I asked what she was having done...
she said she was going to look "pretty like a fairy"

So now we no longer have to wonder....
We know exactly what she looks like with straight hair....it just doesn't look like Bella though....
so I think we'll stick with the curls...


  1. What a difference...and look how long it is! She's such a cutie!

    Sheree xx

  2. Can't get over how different people look when they straighten their curls... I worked with a girl who had hair just like Bella's and occasionally she would straighten hers... completely different look :)
    I love Bella's curls... she is such a gorgeous little girl...

    Jenny x

  3. That is a huge difference. My little 2 yo has a mop of curls also and we lightly straightened them one day and I dont think I will do it again. She just didn't look like my little Lily.

  4. Anonymous11:13 pm

    Bella looks so proud! ... you don't realise how long their hair actually is until its straight! Molly was our only girl born with straight hair but now the teenage hormones have kicked in her hair has turned curly! Of course, she wakes up early every morning to straighten it before school because she hates it!!

  5. Hair straightening sure does make little girls so much older...it is fun to see what they look like ...but not something anyone wants to to do too often I am guessing.

  6. yep definitely curls .... she is a little darling ... hugz x

  7. It's fun to try something different but I love the curls!!

  8. Those curls are adorable! They might drop out anyway when she gets older, so enjoy them while you can. She is one beautiful little lady!

  9. My 3yr old grandaughter has the exact same hair, her mummy straightened it one day and took pics also, she looked compleatly different and it was amazing how long her hair was too!

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