What I wore Wednesday....

14 December 2011

Its been a long day....
we are just home from School award and presentation night....
We were so proud of our girl....
She won 4 awards tonight....
including VET student of the year..... more on that later.

This is what I wore tonight....

Singlet - Target basic (I live in these)
Skirt - Big W Emerson brand.
Necklace - Equip
Sandals - Op shop
Cardi - Crossroads last season...
Body - less another 500g

What did you wear today?


  1. I love you in the floral skirt. I saw that necklace in Equip on the weekend and said to Tassy "I know Mardi has that!".

    HUGE congratulations to Briony. That's FANTASTIC!!!!! She must be thrilled (not to mention her parents!).

  2. Congrats to Briony..clever girl. I can imagine how proud you must be.

    You are looking so happy and healthy Mardi. What a great achievement!

    I have a few things from Emerson brand. I think they are so well priced and pretty good quality.

    Righto that's it from me;)

  3. Anonymous8:31 am

    Gosh Mardi, you must be feeling fabulous - coz you sure do look it !!! great job !! Jenni H

  4. Huge congratulations to Briony, that is so wonderful! I just know how proud you all must be of her. You look totally gorgeous too, Love that floral skirt on you. Just gorgeous!!
    xx Janelle

  5. Love that pretty skirt Mardi! You look fabulous!

    Well done to Briony! Sounds like she had an amazing year!!! So great to hear she's been rewarded for all of her hard work.

    Sheree xx

  6. Congrats to Briony, great effort..

    You are looking gorgeous Mardi x

    Cherie xoxoxo

  7. Congrats again to Briony - well done!!!!!! And look at you!! You look sensational Mardi!! woo hoo... you have 12 week body transformed!

  8. oops and that would be from me that other comment...not Jammo!!

  9. third time lucky with trying to leave a comment..it's Kim..signed in to Jammos account somehow!!!

  10. Anonymous11:14 pm

    You are skinny and fab! Remind me to brag to you about my niece who just finished year 12 at Mildura Secondary College. :) What is Briony up to this year? My niece will be at Flinders studying Optometry. Moi x

  11. Anonymous11:14 pm

    P.S. Huge congrats to Briony!