Gosh this makes me happy...

2 January 2012

Quite some time ago I mentioned to my Grandmother that I love old fabric remnants...
I knew that she had been very crafty throughout her life.....and wondered if she had anything tucked away...that she would be willing to give to a new home.
Unfortunately she had long cleaned out her stash....so I thought no more of it.
Then.....a few months ago she told me that a friend of hers had given her some fabrics for me....
I was so excited.... and waited patiently until Mum and Dad collected them...
and found a way to get them here to me.
I received them in the lead up to Christmas.....but in the rush I didn't really have a good look...so now...with life settling back to normal.....and with thoughts of my vintage fabric square quilt on my mind...
I dug them out....and took a proper look...
Gosh.....I'm thrilled with them!!

.....and especially these few..... how sweet are those florals.

So no doubt in coming weeks some of them will find their way into my quilt....how wonderful.
Speaking of quilts......I have been literally over the moon to see some gorgeous quilts taking shape since the swap. Thanks so much to everyone who has emailed or shared a link.
Mardi x


  1. Wow lucky you Mardi! My Mum used to have so much fabric but she got rid of it all years ago before I got into sewing. I so wish she'd held onto it!

    Sheree xx

  2. OH wow what a gorgeous lot of fabric, your a lucky lady :)

  3. Beautiful!!
    Wow your Grandma is a Great Great Grandma? That's cool!

  4. Holey dooley, Mardi, what a wonderful gift! I have turned quite green with envy.......these are going to make a fab addition to your quilt. I have started on my second one and loving how my fabrics are coming together.

  5. I found a pair of purple retro daisy single beds sheets at my local Vinnies yesterday for six dollars! they are going to make a fab backing for my vintage squares quilts. If you want a peek, go to http://angiebudden.blogspot.com