Happy 21st Mitchell......

30 January 2012

What a HUGE weekend !
Mitch celebrated his 21st birthday ....and it was a hoot!!

We invited 80 guests.....both family and friends for his party....it was a costume party.....
we were all to come dressed as something beginning with the first letter of our names.
There were some hilarious costumes....and Mitch was over the moon to see that almost everyone
 embraced his theme...regardless of whether they liked to dress up or not.

The weather was hot and humid....but thankfully cooled off a little in the evening... it was so hard getting our face paint to stick when were dripping from the heat.

We cooked roasts......and salads for dinner....and ordered a huge chocolate mud cake for dessert.
I think the last of us stumbled to bed at around 3.30am.

Then it was up early in the morning... 
We side stepped the mess.....
and cooked up bacon and eggs for breakfast....
By the time all of the family dropped in to say their goodbyes....there were 30 of us....
 and because we rarely get to see each other these days....
 it was wonderful to have a little more time together.

As usual.... I'm sad I didn't get more photos.... but its very hard to be the hostess.. and the photographer.

Here is a little of what I did manage to snap....

So...there it is...
It seemed only last week we were planning the night....
dreaming up costume ideas....
and writing lists....
and now its all over...leaving us with some hilarious memories of a bloody brilliant night.
Happy Birthday Mitch!!!


  1. LOL these photos are awesome! I LOVE your big blue hair Marge (hehe). I am SO glad you all had a wonderful night/weekend. These are the best kinds of memories. Thanks so much for sharing xx Janelle

  2. Looks like a FABULOUS night Mardi... wonderful pics... a costume party is always such a fun way to celebrate... happy 21st to Mitch... must say I love the Bill and Ben flowerpot men costumes (clever!!) and you look very cool as Marge...

    Jenny x

  3. Love those costumes!! Today I received the Leibster Award for lovely blogs with under 200 followers (give or take a few!). So I am now awarding you with it for your great blog.

  4. gosh you winens know how to party. looks like a fab party. happy 21st to Mitch!
    PS You make a beautiful Marge

  5. Oh those pics are so much fun!!! Sounds like a great weekend of celebrations! Happy 21t Mitch!!

    Sheree xx

  6. What AWESOME costumes! Looks like it was a really fun night!

  7. Wow Mardi - what fab photos even though you felt you didnt get many!!! And I am lovin' that big blue Marge hair-do! Happy birthday again to Mitch! Glad the night went well!!!!!