Pizza night

1 February 2012

On Tuesday night we began an exciting new tradition in the Winen household....
thanks to a brilliant 21st gift from Mitch's work mates.....  the most amazing pizza oven.
(Obviously they know him...and his love of pizza well)

So the family have declared that Tuesday nights will now fondly be known as  "Pizza nights" 

There was something magical about sitting outdoors....watching them cook....
it could just be that Mitch was in charge....and all I needed to do was sit back and enjoy the evening....knowing that very soon Id have a delicious slice of pizza for tea.

So now the test run is out of the way successfully.....we will be extending the invitation out 
for others to join us as well.
I'm already looking forward to next Tuesday.... funny about that.


  1. Brenda10:12 pm

    Looks like a wonderful family time and the pizza looks delicious!

  2. That pizza looks fabulous... what an amazing present... Tuesday nights at your place sure do sound fun... and delicious :))

    Jenny x