Thrifty Thursday

12 January 2012

I'm sharing something a little different today for my Thrifty Thursday post....
Its a dolls house that hubs and I gave to the girls as part of their Christmas present last year.

I came across it at a garage sale in November....
I was actually on my morning shuffle when I saw it tucked against the fence ...with boxes of 'stuff' piled all around I detoured and asked how much?

It was looking very tired...
(I SO wish I had taken a real before pic.....the one I have is after we stripped it out and repainted)
but it had good bones.....I could tell is was a restorers dream...haha
I paid the $10.00 price tag and bolted home to get the car to collect it.

Then it sat...under a a "Must DO" project....
Finally in the week before Christmas we sprung into gear....
Hubs painted it all up freshly...and relayed some new flooring....
then I set to work wallpapering...

I whipped up some new curtains....and a couple of patchwork blankets / floor rugs...
bought some pieces of furniture....including a kitchen with a whistling kettle...
then tied it up in a bow ready for Christmas.

I am keeping my eyes out for some better furniture....something in a better scale than the eclectic pieces its currently furnished with....but the girls love it.....and that's the main thing.

Now my humble opinion.... is being Thrifty!
Mardi x


  1. Wow Mardi...what a bargain...and your makeover looks fantastic! Love all the sweet little touches you've put in there!

    Sheree xx

  2. It looks amazing! i grabbed one from the side of the road last year to do up, looking at how fabulous yours looks is making me want to pull mine out and do it up! just beautiful!

  3. What an amazing makeover, you did a great job!

  4. Beautiful!! love the flooring!
    I have been given an old dolls house and must do something for my girls with!

  5. Love the doll house, it is a great size and the renovations make a huge difference.

  6. How fun for them to play with it for years to come! It looks so cute!

  7. oh Mardi, it is gorgeous! I love what you have both done with it, and it will mean so much more because you have put so much love into it! What lucky girls!