What I wore Wednesday...

11 January 2012

I picked this top up at the Op shop today....
I loved the pattern on the fabric...
and Im always a sucker for green.

Annoyingly its a little firm around the bottom...
so there is a good chance it may end up back where it came from.

Top - Target...from Op shop
Pants - Crossroads
Cardi - Crossroads 
Shoes - green wedges - Op shop
Necklace - a gorgeous gift from Jane at Kabwares
Bracelets - one was a much loved gift....the other just matched it perfectly.
Body - finally a shift...less another 300g 

What were you wearing on Wednesday?


  1. thats such a pretty top- what if you put a little split up each side- would that be worth doing? lovin' the necklace of course :)!!
    j ps- love the green wedges too!

  2. Love your outfit Mardi, you look gorgeous! I was going to suggest the same as Jane, unpick the side seams a little and put a split up the sides. That being said, the rate you are going it will probably be loose in a few weeks hehe. Love your outfit!
    xx Janelle

  3. Mardi you look awesome!!! love the outfit.
    Love the necklace too where can you get it???

    Mel xxx

  4. Cute top Mardi! Love the fabric and so lovely with your yellow cardi too!

    Sheree xx

  5. A very pretty top, you could do what the others suggested or maybe in a few weeks with your amazing weight loss you have been having you wont need to :)
    Love the green wedges :)

  6. LOVE the top! That's totally my kind of outfit. :)

  7. I wish my op shop sold gorgeous green wedges......you look awesome!