What I wore Wednesday....

4 January 2012

Its been awhile since I blogged a WIWW...
and its high time I played along again... so this is me.....everyday...comfortable me...
Pants - Crossroads
Tee - and oldie but a goodie....
Necklace - Diva or Equip
Bracelet - a gorgeous beaded one made especially for me by my cousin Kerry.
Sandals - Big Dub
Body - same weight for the last 3 weeks... you could say I'm at a plateau.

Id love to see what you wore too....please share!
Mardi x


  1. Gee you're looking so fit and fabulous Mardi! That's my kinda comfy outfit...love it!

    Sheree xx

  2. You are looking so good Mardi!! Such an inspiration! Love that kind of outfit! :))xx

  3. wowee- miss skinny minny- you have such a gorgeous tiny waist! you must feel fantastic :)
    absolutely love that necklace too :)

  4. Hey Aunty Mardi,
    Its me Kate, not mum!! lol
    Can i just say that you look AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great Job!!
    Also im so excited to see you guys in March for the big day!! It is going to be so much fun!!

  5. WOW! You are looking great Mardi! My kind of outfit too, comfy to do whatever you want in. I really must get back into the wwiw posts too is been awhile.

  6. you look fantastic Mardi. Well done! You can see that you are working hard and getting awesome results. You are a real inspiration!

  7. Oh my goodness Mardi! Wow - your waist - you have such great shape.

    Big Dub. HAHA, took me a sec!

  8. woooot woooo! look at you mardi. You look absolutely sensational!! I didn't loose any over the Christmas period either... if fact it was my goal to just not put any back on! I managed... ;) Your 'comfy' stuff still looks pretty stylish to me too... xx

  9. you look HOT!!!!!!...so proud of you...xxx

  10. WOW Mardi, if it is at all possible, you are looking even more sensational then ever. Seriously, you are shrinking more and more with each photo we see. Seriously though, I know how good you are feeling for all the work you are putting in and I just wanted you to know that we can see how fabulous you are looking. Well done my friend xx

  11. Wow you look amazing! Congratulations you should be so proud of yourself!
    Hubby and I are on a health kick at the moment and have lost about 8kilos between us

  12. Looking fabulous!! Your very hard work is paying off :-)

  13. Anonymous7:01 am

    Wow Mardi, you are looking fantastic. I'm just starting my health kick and you have certainly inspired me. Thats my kind of comfy outfit, love the necklace.
    Trudy. xoxo

  14. You are looking gorgeous! Well done on the weight loss, you have a perfect hourglass figure now. You should be so proud.

  15. Anonymous8:41 am

    Where has your waist gone???? You are looking good!! Well done!

  16. Allie9:32 pm

    Wowsa, Mardi you are looking amazing! You must feel fabulous :)

  17. Anonymous11:02 pm

    You look fantastic!
    Moi xx