Thrifty Thursday...

5 January 2012

Its a New Year....
and as part of my unclutter and simplify motto....I finally got around to loading the bags of unwanted clothes into the car....and off to Vinnies.
Typical of me....I had one last sort though.....rescued a few things back...
and said my final farewells to the remainder.

I had a brain wave when I saw this Tee though...
I came from Katies....the fabric is lovely....but the neckline was not.
I never wore was too high in the it seemed the perfect candidate for this makeover I came across on pinterest ....

Personally I think its brilliant transformation.....and perfect for our stinking weather...
It was hard to stop once I began......and a couple more Tee's got the same treatment....I figure they were only heading to the Oppie anyway...
Happy Thrifty Thursday to you too...
Mardi x


  1. That's so clever Mardi! It looks fantastic!!

    Sheree xx

  2. wow that is so clever and looks fantastic!!

  3. Looks great, Mardi, what a cool idea.

  4. That's an awesome idea Mardi, I love it. I might have to go back through my two bags destined for the Op shop and see if there is anything in there I can try this on too. Thanks for sharing.
    xx Janelle

  5. Marg S10:13 am

    Thanks for sharing...............that's brilliant!!

  6. WOW!! that is such a fab idea..if only I could sew!!

    L x

  7. Great transformation!! The tee is totally more wearable now! Looks fab!

  8. What a great make over for an unwanted tshirt, looks awesome!!

  9. Mardi this looks fantastic. I saw something like this on pinterest the other day and thought it looked like a great idea. Shame I just got rid of three bags of clothes to the op shop.

  10. wow well done! can I send you some tees to transform!