Dudley and Grace.....

16 February 2012

Just a quick shout to say..... 
that these babies are all up for adoption.
A few are for custom orders....
the remainder will be loaded to Dudley and Grace in the next day or so....


  1. Hi Mardi, Dexter and I reckon Harriet is pretty cute!

  2. Hi Mardi,
    I am in love with Harmony, is there any chance I can purchase her if she is not an order? She is to hard to resist :}

  3. Tracey...... I'm sorry....but Harmony was one of the custom orders...I would be happy to create one similar for you though...xx

  4. Hi Mardi, That would be great, I would also like a big one to go with her would that be alright?

  5. Not sure if you will see this Tracey..... but I did wonder what colours you would like your large one in?
    Mardi x