18 February 2012

I'm quite sure Parps would have loved the day....
He would have been so happy to see almost all of his brood under the one roof.
He would have loved seeing us all catch up... for some it had been almost 20 years!!
He would have loved that so many of his friends.....and past neighbours were there to pay their respects.

The memorial service gave us all a chance to remember the happy times and celebrate
 his amazing and jam packed life.


  1. I'm so glad that you were able to have a great service for your Parps, and to remember and celebrate his life. Thinking of you all xx

  2. Anonymous8:36 am

    What a wanderful way to celebrate Papa's life I had the awesomest time...sobbed my heart out when I left...miss you so much like the sister I never had...we are all very blessed to be part of this family.I don't have the photo of you me and leanne do you think you could flick that too me please and i love the one of you and me wouldn't mind that one ya Mard

  3. Kerry8:39 am

    crypes Mard not sure what I'm doing didn't mean to do the anonymous thing...