Snippets from home...

14 February 2012

I often wish life was slower....
or I wasted less time!
I have had a week off......but I haven't been nearly as productive as I had planned in my head.

I did start on some new little owls......for Dudley and Grace... including some special little custom orders.

I began another round of the 12wbt.... which means getting myself organised in the kitchen again.....

I turned a pile of cucumbers into dill pickles.....and they were I made another batch....
which are already almost gone.

I cleaned all my ceiling fans and air-conditioner vents.... what a horrid job.... but so good now its done.

...and I finally stitched some of my vintage fabric squares into quilt has begun!

Not a bad start to the week I guess.


  1. Sounds very productive to me Mardi... and your quilt is already looking gorgeous...

    Jenny x

  2. Anonymous5:07 pm

    Very productive. Want to clean my ceiling fans????? I hate that job.

  3. YAY for your quilt so far! You've done more than me already LOL. I'm hoping to start next week.

  4. I've been doing similar things! Joined up for another round of 12wbt, and sewed 2 quilt tops from my vintage squares. LOL
    I haven't cleaned the fans though. (They need it) :P

  5. It looks a lot like mine...I see many of the same fabrics. What size are you making, for who, how will you quilt it? backing? do tell Miss Mardi!