The Vocational awards night

12 February 2012

Friday night was a very special night for us....

Ianie and I were bursting with pride....
( we are bursting...)

Because....both Mitch and Briony were finalists!
Mitch was a finalist in 'Apprentice of the Year'......

...and Briony was a finalist in the 'Vocational and education training student of the year'.

It was a lovely night.....and just fabulous to see so many young people awarded for their efforts....
The winner of this years  'Apprentice of the year' was a hairdressing apprentice.
We were so proud of Mitch make it through the applications....and then interview process....and to be among the finalists was a wonderful achievement in itself.

Briony was a lucky little chick.....she was dual winner of the Riverland and Mallee VET student of the year..
We were certainly proud of her....and all the efforts she has put in over the last year.

Another proud Mummy moment.


  1. WOW! That is fantastic for both of them!!! Congrats to both!!

    You are looking stunning by the way!

  2. That's wonderful news Mardi! You must be beaming with pride. A huge congrats to them both!

    Sheree xx

  3. Wow, no wonder you have a head swell! What lovely news, well done, family!
    You and proud Dad look gorgeous, too.

  4. You deserve to be proud, how fantastic, congrats to both (and you proud mumma!)

  5. Congratulations to both your lovely children x

  6. well done to Mitch and Briony! Thats am amazing achievement by both of themxx Doublely (? sp) proud

  7. Briony is SO beautiful!

  8. Anonymous11:10 am

    Wow that is a very proud moment, what great news. Excellent work and effort by both of them :)

    That photo of you and your husband is lovely, you should scrap that sometime.

    Have a great week ahead and take care of yourself. From Susan McGuire (smiles1965) from Scrapboxx :)