Thrifty Thursday - in the kitchen

2 February 2012

Gosh I love this time of the year....
My garden is beginning to produce some lovely tomatoes and corn.....

...and our friends and neighbours are also sharing produce with us as well....
Like these scrumptious cucumbers.....and enormous zucchinis.

Of course....typical of seasonal produce....its all or nothing....
So..... I'm inundated with it at the moment...
and because I hate wastage.....and I love to live thrifty....
I spent the afternoon turning some of this into meals before it was wasted.

I don't know if you have seen this book before or not.....but its fabulous!!
Not only does it explain exactly how to grow your own produce....
it helps with recipes of what to do with it once you have.

So....using Stephanie's book...
I made a delicious tomato and basil pasta / pizza sauce... I've popped this away in the fridge ready for Tuesday night....Pizza night!

...and one of those huge zucchinis is now the main ingrediant in this slice...which is topped with the tastiest tomatoes I've ever eaten.....straight from the garden.

I also made a yummy little Asian cucumber salad.....its a little on the spicy side...perhaps a smidge too much chilli....but I think it will go nicely the zucchini slice for dinner tonight.

Then.... because I don't like to waste anything......I fed all the peels and scraps to my new pets....
the tiger worm family.

So there it Thrifty Thursday.
(Id love some recipes that use up cucumbers if anyone has any suggestions??? ... I am planning on making some cucumber pickles tomorrow....but any other ideas welcomed)


  1. Yum! Home grown produce is the best! We also have cucumbers coming out of our ears - the other night i made a Tzatziki, very easy - just grate the cucumber squeeze out the juice, add it to some natural yoghurt with some simple & so yummy! Nice on souvalakis or just as a dip.
    Another good cook book that has lots of growing tips & recipes is Jamie Oliver's "Home". Enjoy all that delish produce!

  2. Anonymous10:05 pm

    Yum indeed! I love all those nobbly tomatoes. Real tomatoes, not engineered! I can taste them now ...
    I can't help out with cucumbers - but I know lots of zucchini and pumpkin recipes.
    Moi x

  3. Yummo my mouth was watering reading this post - way to go with all that home grown yumminess! Sadly my vegie patch was hmmm lets just say 'pruned' by the pet rabbit....will have to wait until next year now with the new "rabbit proofing" in place...who would have thought bunnies liked tomatoes???

  4. oh mardi i have an awesome cookbook called the vegie garden cookbook. It has cucumber recipes in it...dill cucumber pickle and a few others. Ive loaned it to my boss, but im happy to bring it next time we catch up so you can have a look. Or drop it at work with you for a week or so to browse at your leisure??

  5. Oh you have a worm farm too. We just got one today after wanting one for a while. How are they going?