Thrifty Thursday....

9 February 2012

I had a couple of finds this week...
I am not 100% certain Ill keep these....
I loved the colour....they fitted not too badly....but they are waaaaaaaay too long and flared in the legs...
Are they worth hemming up?
Will I wear them?
Are they $8.00 well spent?
(Obviously they are 100% linen and in need of an iron )

...and then there was this dress....
i just couldn't resist it.... I'm such  a sucker for tartan.....and red tartan at that!

I can imagine getting wear out of it in winter too.....
leggings and boots with a jacket over the top and a long sleeve T underneath.


  1. The dress will be awesome in Summer AND Winter! Gorgeous! I love the pants - definitely keep them and hem them!!

  2. Yes love your dress and they match perfectly with your billies!Love that little bow too. I would also hem your pants...they do look so comfie!

  3. Keep the pants!! Take them in a bit through the bottom of the leg. :)

  4. ooh, love the dress, it looks stunning on you!

  5. Oh cute dress Mardi! I say keep the pants the colour!

    Sheree xx