...and its done!

20 March 2012

I am absolutely thrilled!!

Thank you to everyone who took part in the vintage fabric square swap....
thank you for all the wonderful fabrics you shared...
for preparing them so beautifully...
and for making this quilt and so many others possible.

I am SO hoping that Ill have the opportunity to see many others as they are completed....
its like a giant sisterhood of the quilt...
we all have one remarkably similar.
....and that.....makes me so happy.

(Oh.....and please don't feel limited by the amount of squares you swapped......
I added some extras to mine to grow it a little larger so keep in mind you can do the same.)

Mardi x


  1. Woot! It looks fantastic Mardi!!!! I love that we all have such similar quilts in the end too. I added more fabrics to mine too, but I recognise SO many fabrics in yours, and in others I've seen on the net. It was such a wonderful idea. Thank you SO much for all the work and time you put into the swap!

  2. wow Mardi, it is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!
    I need to get started on mine but have started work full time and haven't had much extra energy.. now I feel inspired!

  3. Mardi, your quilt looks terrific and I am stoked to see some of the fabrics I swapped in there! My annual weekend away with my quilt group will be spent on mine. Can't wait!

  4. Anonymous6:03 pm

    really beautiful - the finished quilt and the idea to do the fabric swap ;)

  5. I love your quilt! I can see several of 'my' squares in there! So fun that we will all have similar quilts to cuddle and remind us of like-minded cyber friends. Your progress is inspiring me to finish off mine.

    What kind of wadding did you use?

  6. Mardi it looks divine! I really need to make some time and start sewing all my squares together...too many other deadlines to meet lately. I absolutely LOVE how yours has turned out!!

    Sheree xx

  7. Im still adding squares to mine:) I love that i joined in and am really enjoying making it. Im thinking i will do some more today, thanks for the prompt:)