...and the vintage square quilt gets a little closer....

18 March 2012

I did it...
I put the mental dialogue aside....

"I hate binding.."
"The quilts too heavy and I'm tired"
"Ill do it when I'm in the mood"
"Ill leave it until I've got the house tidy"

I just stopped listening to my own whining voice in my head...and got on with it!!

...and you know what....
It only took the morning to add the borders....create the binding.....stitch it in place....and then stitch is down.
Tonight at work Ill trim all the threads and remove the pins...
Tomorrow Ill have a brand new quilt.
How damn exciting!

How are yours coming along?


  1. YIPEE!! So glad you have finished your quilt, it looks gorgeous. Can't wait to see some pics of it on your bed too. I better get cracking on mine!! xx

  2. Looking beautiful Mardi...

    Jenny x

  3. How exciting! You've powered thru and nearly done! I hope you get it finished tonight! Can't wait to see the final result! Mine, still no more progres LOL. But in other news I did a little bit of crocheting today. :)

  4. Wow you work fast Mardi!
    Looking beautiful!

  5. How did you do the binding on yours? I love it!

  6. OMG it is looking fantastic - can't wait to see the BIG REVEAL!!

  7. Well done Mardi, on finding the time and making the decision to just do it! Mine have got to the almost finished stage but have been abandoned for a few weeks due to other pressures........sigh. I need to do some decision making and just DO IT! Your quilt looks lovely!