2 March 2012

Ever feel like you are trapped in ground hog day....
Everyday.....the same thing...
I'm so tired of cleaning
In fact....I WISH I had a house cleaner!

It seems I'm trapped in a cycle....!
It could just be my mood today too....

....or it could be that I have this sitting hanging over a chair on my craft room....
I'm longing to finish it.
I did decide today to begin stitching my rows together....and even if it takes me a few days...
at least Ill have them all stitched into one piece.

Hows everyone else going in ground hog day?
Or even better.....hows everyone coming along with your quilts?


  1. Love how this is comming together. Ever thought about online shopping? I did it for the first time this week and I am hooked, I feel like I have gained a complete day so loads more sewing and time to do the stuff I love!

  2. I have had a ground hog day too... do not work, look after my 2 kiddies, Miss 5 and Master 2 but just feel rather flat.... hope to do some scrappin whilst watching a dvd tonight and a nice glass of Pinot Gris should help :)

  3. Maybe there is something in the air today Mardi... I feel the same... and a little flat... just sat down to do a little drawing so hopefully I can lose myself in it for a while anyway... let's see what tomorrow brings :))

    Jenny x

  4. Yup. Totally with you on the housework. Hate it.

    Your quilt pieces look lovely.

  5. I have pieced my quilt top YIPPEE!!! Haven't got any further than that tho. :) Yours is looking so beautiful, and very different to the one that inspired you.

    And yes, sometimes I feel like it's groundhog day too... it's good to know that things change tho, and life isn't boring for long. Hmmm that didn't come out right, I wonder if you'll be able to read my mind instead.

  6. Brenda10:28 pm

    I feel that way sometimes too. Love how your quilt is coming along. I have my squares all sewn together, now if I can just find time to finish it. Thinking of you.

  7. I am hearing you there....have a lovely weekend. x

  8. Oh your quilt is looking lovely so similiar to mine. I love the idea of having a 'sister quilt' in my home and love looking at the fabrics and knowing where some of them came from.

  9. Yep totally hear you on the groundhog day thing, that is my life in a nutshell - work, work, housework, work, work, turn around and do it all again. I was just saying to Michael yesterday that we don't have any fun. I need to change that. Your quilt is looking divine!!! Mine is still sitting in a pile of squares. Kinda hard when stitching is my job (so more work) but I am really excited about making a quilt just for me that I don't have to write instructions for (even though I love my job most days). Stitching for fun is something I rarely get a chance to do either.
    (whoops, sorry this is an essay LOL)
    Can't wait to see your quilt finished too. xx Janelle

  10. Anonymous2:14 pm

    I think most mums feel overwhelmed and bored with housework.

    I got myself organised and washed all the windows in our house today and am loving how bright and clean they look. I can see my garden much easier now.

    Unfortunately I still have 2 baskets of washing and ironing calling my name LOL :)

    Have a safe and fun week ahead. From Susan McGuire (smiles1965) from Scrapboxx.

  11. Your quilt is coming on beautifully. Mine has got in the way, as it does! I really should set up the machine and get on with it, not far to go on mine.
    Thanks for sharing your ground hog day, same here....gosh, it is a common disease! LOL.