3 March 2012

At the beginning of this year I was all excited about playing along with 
I lasted all of 8 days 
and then I took a trip to Tassie...
and life got hectic.... I didn't give it another thought.

Then as life settled...
and I began to notice all the gorgeous photos popping up around the place....and I kicked myself for not sticking at it. was almost at the end of February when I made a 'Mardi pact' that I was going to do
 'PHOTO A DAY in March' ...rain hail or shine!!
So far so good...

So for the sake of the is a little peek into my last few days of February....

24th - Bella cloncking around in Brionys shoes before we headed out to the Hens night.
25th - A day on the Green at Clare.
27th - I captured a Sunrise on my way home from my early morning run.
28th - Weights session at the gym today
29th - Work....night shift 

Thanks also for the lovely comments about my quilt in progress....
It is coming along beautifully.....and it most certainly will be different to the one that inspired all of this to begin with. My original is created using a lot of bold primary  type colours....and not so much floral...
so this is a much prettier and feminine version. Lea mentioned how nice it is to know there are 'sister quilts' out there....and I cant help but agree....that makes it even more special.
I will be sharing updates as it progresses.....and cant wait to see others as they complete them too.

Have a wonderful Sunday ....
I'm hoping to spend it in the garden.....fingers crossed.
Mardi x


  1. Yay! I noticed you popped the photo of your neighbourhood up yesterday (yes, see, people do notice these things ;) ), which I loved. I hope you keep it up; I'm looking forward to seeing your photos from this month.

  2. Too funny - ahhh that sounds way too familiar...I am having a go at March as well, so far so good....must post about it though it will help keep me 'honest'...heres good luck to both of us!