Thrifty Thursday....

8 March 2012

Just a quick little find this week...
I couldn't resist this $6.00 top/ dress from the Oppie..
Its in colours I love...
it matches my favourite Cardi...
It looks great over jeans...
it would look fabulous with a long sleeve top underneath
I could wear it with leggings and boots...
and it would wash and dry in a flash.
Gotta love an outfit that ticks all the boxes.


  1. What a great find, and it looks fab on you too!!

  2. Jennifer10:22 am

    Great find and you look so good in it, you are a gorgeous gran! though you look more like a yummy mummy

  3. Definitely a great find are looking FAB by the way...keep up the great wotk, your family must be very proud of you xxx


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