What I wore Wednesday..

7 March 2012

Today I'm wearing a top I bought in Clare on our recent trip to 'a day on the green'...
It was the same trip that I bought my new favourite little mustard Cardi...

Jeans - Target...old as the hills
Bonds singlet
Top - $4.00 from the Op shop in Clare.... Target brand
Thin belt-  Brionys... thanks babe.
Shoes -  brown suede wedges from Target last season.
Body....same bloody weight for the last 4 weeks!! ...but 9.5cm smaller on the tape measure....
so I'm almost consoled by that.

What are you wearing today?


  1. You look amazing Mardi, honestly tinier and tinier in each photo. I am sorry your weight hasn't shifted, I am sure you are just building muscle mass because you look even smaller. Love your top, your whole outfit looks gorgeous! I'm waiting for my photographer (Emily) to come home so I can share what I'm wearing today too. xx Janelle

  2. You look amazing regardless of what the scales say!
    That red top is cute love it layered with the singlet top.
    My wwiw post is just about to go up.

  3. Natalie, Launceston7:09 pm

    Wow, Mardi you look so fantastic! You should be so proud of your achievements! Your scales might tell you haven't lost but your photos say otherwise, well done.

  4. Looking gorgeous as always Mardi. Love the top. I agree with Janelle, I'm sure you are gaining muscle which is why you will see the difference in the measurements and not the scales. Keep up the great work, your an inspiration.

    Cherie xoxo

  5. The top is gorgeous! I really love the colour - it looks awesome on you. Love it with the belt!

  6. Just look at yourself! That tiny waist is amazing! Don't take any notice of those blasted scales. I love how you put your clothes together.