Project 365 - April

3 May 2012

I cant believe it....
I finished another month!
Here is a recap...
1. Shaun takes a break from editing wedding photos to give Brooke a cuddle.
2. The bouquets are hanging in the laundry to dry (and they look fabulous I might add)
3. We had an amazing tour of the Berri was so interesting.. I loved being a tourist in my own town.
4. We took the Stallans for a day trip to Mildura.....and a visit to Chaffey house.
5. Mitch had an ingrown toenail procedure.
6. Briony and Kate made cute little cupcakes.
7. Bella bought herself a new 'baby' at the Op shop.
8. We went out for Sunday roast at the Cobby club.
9. Shaun created the most amazing croquenbouche
10. Donna and I spent time relaxing....both reading the Hunger games.
11. Ian took the Stallans to catch the plane ) : ...I cleaned the sad today.
12. Captured an amazing sunset on the way to the gym.
13. Ian and I had a delicious Greek meal at Estia restaurant in Adelaide.
14. Overnight at the Chifley
15. I made the girls playdough...and we had playdough fun.
16. Our coffee machine at work....cant beat a good coffee.
17. Brookes birthday.....Brookey is 2
18. Beautiful daisy in the garden,
19. Had my hair coloured nice and shiny
20. Briony began a casual job at the footy club behind the bar....and loved it.
21. Brent and Alex took Ian and I to the Renmark golf club for dinner.
22. More blooms from my garden
23. Darling baby Charlottes funeral...
24. At work....this time inside fleet 95
25. At work....reading hunger games book 2
26. Catching my flight to e2c retreat
27. In Port Lincoln
28. Sunrise on the morning of my class
29. Scrapbooking up a storm
30. Final day in Port Lincoln before flying home.

I'm so in the swing of it now.....and cant wait to tackle another month.

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  1. What a fabulous recap of your month Mardi... beautiful photos... and such a lovely way to document life...

    Jenny x