I'm excited to announce a new @home workshop..

8 June 2012

I'm delighted to announce that a new @home workshop is open for bookings!
Kim and I have joined together to bring you a 'stitch a book' class...which I hope you will love creating as much as we did.

It all began when Kim asked if I could create an interactive fabric book for an Etzcetera. I jumped at the chance and I just knew that this book would become a favourite for my two little grand girlies.

It was only once I began  that I realised the possibilities  and my mind was racing with different ideas and concepts that could be incorporated. I chose to make my book from upcycled and ‘on-hand’ fabrics and supplies…and its stitched in my usual non-perfect way making it quite a contrast from Kim’s gorgeous version which Im sure will give you lots ideas and prompts for your own books.

Id love it you joined us.....xx
Registration is open now.

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  1. Well I'm pretty excited too...I have just joined and all paid up, really looking forward to it!