My finds...put to good use

10 June 2012

Just one little find this week....
I picked up two of these little blue ramekins for .50cents each.
They are made in Japan...... and I was immediately drawn to their colour....and their perfect size.

I think they look pretty darn good brimming with home-made chicken and vegetable soup.

Not bad for one dollar hey!
I'm linking up with Flea market finds again this week...there you will find lots of gorgeous finds all linked together for easy oohing and ahhing.


  1. Not only do your ramekins looks delicious Mardi... so does your chicken and vegetable soup... fabulous finds...

    Jenny x

  2. ohhhh i have an unconditional love for ramekins and your finds are a steal! totally loving the little handles! i am getting hungry just looking at your soup :)

  3. Anonymous2:59 pm

    Bargain of the year I'd say :)

    These little blue ramekins are adorable and so perfect for soup, well thought of.

    From Susan McGuire xxoo

  4. I love those ramekins!! I picked up a set of 6 multi coloured ones a while back at the Andamooka op shop, and I love love them!! Love the retro gear so much!!! x

  5. Love them Mardi! They'll be great for the little ones too. My gang eat their dinner when it's served in something a bit fancy. Have a great week!