Introducing Gracie...

29 June 2012

I have had such an amazing week.....
and its so magical how things in life unfold with such perfect timing.

I've had some ups and downs this week.....with feeling a little unwell.....and a couple of trips to the Drs and a course of AB'S  and then on the other hand....THE most wonderful week full of Happy mail including

some long awaited purchases for Lottie and some completely unexpected parcels as well.

It began when my dearest and oldest bestie Donna popped the most beautiful little gift in the mail to me after she saw it at the Sunny coast....

 It has one of Donnas most favourite quotes on it....along with an owl...which reminded her of me.. I love that now every time I look at it hanging in my home Ill think of my bestest Bundy family....and oldest and dearest mates.
(I have to say I'm terming oldest as in ....for the longest time.....not age haha)

Then this arrived.....
I was not expecting anything in a box this size......
and on inspection I noticed a little hint as to where it came from....
this sneaky friend.....had spoilt me with an early birthday gift.

I could not....and still cant....believe my eyes when I opened it to find this beautiful girl inside.
My dear friend Janelle had decided that Lottie needed a Sister.....and had recalled that I was very taken with this particular girl....Nicky Lad.
So unbeknown to me.....she adopted her and spoilt me rotten for my birthday.

Here she is in her stock outfit.....straight out of the box.... she has the most beautiful eye chips....and I love her little messy bobbed hair style....and to me she has a top-boy look too
which is such a contrast to Miss Lottie.

I immediately decided to call her "Gracie".....
this name has such a special meaning to me for a number of reasons....and fitted her perfectly.

Bella and Brooke were so excited to meet her too....
Bella was most excited about the fact she was wearing knickers and socks....
Brooke just wanted to hold her....and was so gentle with her....
she even looks a little like our Brookie Grace with her bobbed hair.

Then yesterday some more happy mail.....and yet another beautiful and generous gift from Janelle....came these two outfits for my girls... they are some of Janelles most recent designs... two gorgeous dresses and hair bows...I was over the moon.
I will be eagerly awaiting each update at Janelles The Stitched Bluebird  Etsy store in the future for some more of her amazing designs for my girls that's for sure.

I feel so blessed to have such caring and amazing friends in my life...
I am one lucky girl!
Oh....and isn't Gracie adorable!!
How can I go from complete Blythe novice to totally smitten in the space of a couple of


  1. Oooh Gracie is so incredibly sweet Mardi... such a beautiful gift... I just adore the little outfits too... and gorgeous pressie from Donna.... love the quote and the owl... hope you are feeling better... and so happy your dear friends added some cheer to your week...

    Jenny x

  2. OMG! these dolls are so cute! Adorable!!!

  3. Bella has Nicky Lad too. She chose her because she was a bit of a tom boy. She is a gorgeous dolly..very underated I think. Enjoy.

  4. PS I hope you are feeling better and that all is ok.

  5. Nicky Lad is totally underrated! She is adorable. A friend of mine wrote a Blythe comic starring her if you want to see it:

  6. Squeal!!!
    Oh my Mardi, Gracie is gorgeous!! What a lovely surprise- Janelle is a wonderful friend :)
    Hope you are feeling better lovely xx

  7. Oh what a wonderful surprise!

  8. Brenda10:21 pm

    Hope you are feeling better. Your new Blythe dolls are so pretty.

  9. Your girls are so gorgeous! Congratulations on joining the Blythe party!