My finds this week....

1 July 2012

Just a tiny bit of  treasure shopping this week... I have attempted to reign in my extravagant habit for a couple of weeks while I slowly give the house a clean out.
I am and purging room by room.....and my box marked 'donate' is getting larger and larger by the day.

I couldn't pass up this original painting..... I wish I could read the artists name...Id love to know its origin...although I'm guessing its not valuable as it only cost me $5.00

I also picked up a couple more supper add to my little collection.
I have some plans for these....I just need to collect a couple more.

Just adding in a larger photo in the hopes that sonmeone may be able to shed some light on the artisit.

I'm linking up with Sophie at Flea market finds again this week...
Thanks for popping by.


  1. The picture is very well painted, and has a dutch look to it. it might be worth investigating further, often art galleries have curators who will view works for nothing or not much (on the off chance it something amazing they'd like to buy for their own collections).
    great find x

  2. Isn't that a gorgeous painting. I love the tablecloths too! I never find linen!

  3. Your painting is lovely Mardi... as are the supper cloths... beautiful little treasures you found...

    Jenny x

  4. Oooh more supper cloths! Lovely.