A new tradition....

19 June 2012

I'd forgotten the story reading days.....although looking back it doesn't seem all that long ago that my kids were squabbling over which story we would read tonight....and whose turn it was to choose the book.

Recently Alex has started a new casual job a couple of evenings a week....and the girlies have been coming to Nan and Pops while we wait for Daddy to finish work and pick them up.
This means Nan has had to get back into the swing of tea time.....bath time and bed time....and the best bit...
bed time stories.
It didn't take long and Id read every suitable book in the house.....and it became clear we would need to find more... 

Our favourites have been....
Owl babies by Martin Waddell....a beautiful and most thoughtful gift from this lovely lady.. 
and Leo the lion tamer by Gary Crew and Leigh Hobbs...a lucky Op shop purchase.

This morning at a garage sale I was excited to find these.....all brand new.... I'm actually excited about bed time story night this week.....with some new books to devour.

Id love any suggestions of favourites in your home ...... any ideas of what I should keep my eye out for?


  1. Oh I love Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Tassy and I read the book too.

    Dr Suess books are great for bedtime. I remember when Tassy was about to turn two and I was reading a favourite Dr Suess. For some reason I only read half of one of the lines and to my surprise she finished the line off for me. So then I only read half of every other line and she finished them all off! I had no idea she had learned all the lines! I LOVE reading at bedtime. Now that Tassy's ten we STILL read at bedtime! But now it's 800 page epics LOL (just quietly - they are too long for my liking!).

  2. I have an ever growing children's book stash... I say its because Tatum's kids visit often, but really its because they make me happy :)
    Some of my favourite books include anything my Pamela Allen and Mem fox- I pick up the book packs from the post office at christmas time, they are great value.

  3. Gorgeous photo of the girls Mardi... and yes bedtime stories... one of my favorites too... as Lauren mentioned... the book packs from the Post Office are fabulous... bought quite a few for the grandies... when my children were little... Enid Blyton's Faraway Tree and Wishing Chair books were their faves... we would read a chapter a night... fun times...

    Jenny x

  4. "where is the green sheep?" by Mem Fox is my kids favouritest book ever, in fact our copy is falling to bits. It's a wonderful story for younger children and it's amazing how quickly they learn it off by heart. We also love Mem Fox's "Possum Magic", a fantastic Aussie book. Enjoy the storytime, it's such a special moment.

  5. Dr Seuss and Berenstain Bears are a winner here! Also Lynley Dodds (slinky malinky), roald dahl (might be a little too old for your girls) and I agree with the post office packs, some good books in those!

  6. Anonymous6:31 pm

    Pamela Allen stories are great as they have rhyming words in them. Also Lynley Dodd stories - Hairy MacClarey series or stories by Julia Donaldson

  7. Don't feel like you have to buy them - go to the library with the girls, then they'll have 'new' stories every few weeks :)

  8. Hi Mardi
    You definitely need to find some Charlie and Lola books written by Lauren Child. You will love the illustrations and the girls will love Lola because she is so funny! They are Fred's all time favourite books and the TV show is on ABC Kids late in the afternoon. Enjoy your time with your gorgeous grandkids.
    PS Love the new haircut, looks very stylish.

  9. Hi Mardi, long time lurker but this is a fave topic of mine so thought I would comment!!

    Try Oliver Jeffers....he is an artist who writes quirky and beautiful stories. My 2 year old has the same one (How to catch a star) every night!!

    And Charlie and Lola for sure

  10. We love reading time in this house too!! Where is the Green Sheep is fab, Grandpas slippers, Spot books, all the Todd Parr ones are special too! We have way too many books really!! But we read them all!! Such a special tradition to make!! xx