What I wore Wednesday....

20 June 2012

Gosh Wednesdays come around fast....
This week I just had to share....
I stopped my continuous whining about my hair...and had it cut!
I now have a lovely tidy concave style....which I love.

I also wanted to share the most gorgeous necklace I gifted to myself... just because I loved it so much.

So here is what I wore as I headed out to lunch with my friend.

Black skinny jeans (Yeah baby I fit skinnies!) from Big W
Top from Temt...a gift from this beautiful friend...
Red cardi from Temt
Red platform shoes from Big W
Gorgeous necklace from this beautiful girls etsy store one vintage day

I just want to show a little more detail of this gorgeous necklace....
It arrived on a smaller black necklace....but I have a habit or wearing my necklaces long....so I simply changed it to a longer chain I had on hand. 

It is a reversible pendant..... and it features this gorgeous original artwork.... that's Penelope poppet and Freya you can see there...I adore their names and the special'ness it adds.
I have had so many comments on the days Ive worn it....and it has become my 'go to' necklace each day when I get dressed as I know that if one side doesn't match.....the other will.
Jenny is such a sweetheart..... and her store has lots of gorgeous items other than necklaces....there are magnets....cards...prints all featuring her beautiful artwork.

Have a wonderful Wednesday.....
and please if you are sharing what you wore today....drop me a line and let me know.
Mardi xx


  1. Oh Mardi... you are the most gorgeous sweetie... thank you so much for the feature... and so happy you like it... You look beautiful... as always... skinny jeans... fab!!! and love the top and cardie...

    Happy Wednesday... and thank you again...
    Jenny Xx

  2. What a gorgeous necklace. I love that it's reversable. And isn't it funny - I'm the opposite with necklaces! LOL. I swap long chains for short ones. Maybe we do it to balance our legs ROFL.

    I SO love your new haircut. And your red haircut and shoes.

    This is the first Wednesday I haven't done a WIWW post in a year!

  3. you look just gorg with the new hair ...jenny IS a real sweetie and incredibly thoughtful..... she has such beautiful art work too ...i love that the necklace isreversible...2 for 1 and it looks great long too , very in :)

  4. You look fantastic! I lurve your hair!!

  5. Anonymous3:25 pm

    LOVING your hair!! :)
    Always loved it, but this is sassy. Love what you are wearing and love your necklace! ;)