Crocheting for Mitch.....

6 July 2012

Mitch has been asking me for weeks to crochet him a beard hat...
Its such a Mitch type of garment...I mean....who would wear one of these?
other than Mitch of course.

In the end....
I gave up stalling....and searched out a pattern..

I typed in beard beanie pattern into Google images....
and almost fell off my chair when this image appeared on the first page...
It looked so remarkably like Mitch...I had to look twice.

In the end I used this pattern from Topsy Turvy.....and it was a breeze to crochet and turned out really well.
I used wool I had on cost nothing to make...
and he is thrilled to bits.


  1. Your beard hat for Mitch is awesome Mardi... and just perfect for these freeezing cold mornings and nights... and how funny that the google image looked so much like him... you certainly are a bundle of talent...

    Jenny x

  2. Brenda10:27 am

    Looks like something my son would like. It will be nice for your son on cold winter mornings.

  3. That is too funny Mardi!
    Hey loving the new blog design you are truly an inspiration Mardi, I really must pull my finger out have neem 'gunna' change mine up for such a long time, LOL some of the blogs I have listed as my faves don't even exist anymore!!!Have a great weekend ahead, Lee x

  4. HAHAHAHA that guy sure does look like Mitch:) What a funny thing for him to want:) You have done an amazing job on it:)

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  6. i nearly feel off my chair laughing when i saw the first pic, how amazing is that beard beanie and he does like your hubby :)
    looks wonderful...

  7. I had to look three times at that first photo as it looks so much like Mitch! And I know he's a bit of a joker so a beard hat is VERY Mitch!

  8. Hi Mardi, just popping this crochet beard is just soooo boyish!!

    Love your new blog-look!!

  9. Mardi your Mitch is so funny. When you posted this on fb I was confused.. I knew it wasn't Mitch but I agree there is a strong likeness. Glad he likes his beard and you are one clever mummy. Kids are never too old for mama made are they?