Project - June

7 July 2012

I'm still keeping up with my project 365 photo a day....
I am kicking myself I didn't begin in January... is another month...

Day 1 - Its looking like autumn across the road ....the vines are losing their leaves.
Day 2 - Mum and Dad are here for a visit...the kids love razzing up Granny.
Day 3 - Mum and Dad join me and check out the Barmera markets.
Day 4 - Dad helps me make sauce
Day 5 -We visit Briony at work at the Jewellers
Day 6 - Very sad day as we attend the funeral of a special man.
Day 7 - I spent the afternoon making this ruffled cushion
Day 8 - It was a development day at work....we practised intra osseous insertion using turkey legs.
Day 9 - Its the long weekend and I'm at work.
Day 10 - Briony had her hair cut and came home with a fringe.
Day 11 -There is a tumbleweed on my run track....I wonder how long before it moves on.
Day 12 - Beautiful Sunrises this tine of the year.
Day 13 - I spoilt myself with a new tea pot in the sweetest colour.
Day 14 - I had my hair cut in a lovely concave style.
Day 15 -I updated my Dudley and Grace store with some new journal covers.
Day 16 - We went out to dinner at the Golf club after Ian played in the Barmera Open.
Day 17 - Tea at the Cobby club....Brent at the front of the line as usual.
Day 18 - Ive always been taken by the roof at the Renmark hospital...its obviously original vintage.
Day 19 -Lottie our Blythe doll arrived and we adore her.
Day 20 -I visited the Health food store and bought up in bulk.
Day 21 -Bella spent the afternoon with Nan....we went out for baby chino...and it sent Bells nuts.
Day 22 - I have had the knitting needles out....I knitted Lottie a new Cardigan.
Day 23 - Ian and I visited Cammies antiques
Day 24 - More knitting....this time a hoodie jacket for Lottie.
Day 25 - Off to the Drs...not feeling well
Day 26 - Still not feeling great
Day 27 - We are so spoilt when an early birthday present arrives from Janelle and Gracie is inside..OMG
Day 28 - We have a donut treat with the girls after Bella is very brave having her immunisations.
Day 29 - More beautiful happy mail form Janelle....a couple of the Stitched Bluebird dresses for my girls.
Day 30 - My iphone fell into a bucket of water...... its resting in rice.praying for a miracle.

and there it is....June 2012..

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  1. Another fabulous month of photos Mardi... and how awesome that you are still taking a daily photo... I love the format that you use too... it is so easy to forget what happens over the course of a month... let alone a year... so I love that you have it all recorded... and loving your new green teapot... my favorite color...

    Hope you are having a fabulous weekend...
    Jenny x