Keeping the girlie's happy - new necklaces

30 July 2012

Bella had been asking for ages for her own necklace...
I had initially thought Id just thread some beads on a cord.. but then I recalled reading this wonderful little tutorial on the etzcetera blog.... and they seemed like the perfect little project for the girlies and I.

I bought my bits and pieces as a kit from Dew suggested in the tutorial... and then it was time to choose some pictures to go inside.
Bella helped me ....and we scoured through my pattern paper stash..... finally settling on some cute little prints....mainly from Sassafras Lass....and punched them out with a punch.

Bella chose the strawberry for herself......and the baby for Brooke.... and we made a couple of others at the same time.

We left them to dry overnight..... and then they were ready to wear.
They were an immediate hit.....they love them.

Brookie is wearing hers....although its a little hard to see as she is clutching it close.

A big thanks to Kim and etzcetera magazine for this little project....the minute I saw it I was hooked.....and the girls are over the moon.


  1. Super lovely necklaces! I have popped over from Janelle's blog. You are very talented!

  2. They are divine Mardi... love the pretty pictures that were chosen... and how sweet do they look on the girls... the photos of them both are beautiful...

    Jenny x

  3. oh dont they look lovely...the girls and the necklaces :)

  4. Gosh they are lovely little necklaces (and cute lil girls to go with them)!
    A great idea Mardi.
    Kylie Shep :)

  5. Aw how lovely that you used that tutorial! Thank you for the mention. The girls are so cute!!! Necklaces look great!