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27 July 2012

As we headed off camping last week... I ran through my check-list.... and made sure I had everything I needed packed and ready (Mum will chuckle here...as I am notorious for under-packing...ooops)

I took everything out for a clean..... and a repack... and thought to myself that my old camping teatowels were looking a little on the scungy side.
One too many fire black pots.....and camping trips...they were fit for the bin.

So.... I thought Id pretty up the camping kitchen a little with the addition of some fresh new ones.
Then I thought....if I'm having fresh new ones....why not have fresh new pretty ones!

So I bought a pack of pretty standard tea towels.... hunted through my stash of fabrics....and added some pretty fabric borders to the edge....

Which made them look like this....

 and here....all neatly stacked up....
So much nicer....
It made camping dishes a lot more fun.


  1. These are fantastic! So simple yet so effective :-)

  2. Aawww! I love this idea. My problem is.. if I took this style of tea towel camping, I wouldn't want to use them on blackened pots!! LOL!

  3. Oh no they are way too pretty for camping!lol!

  4. oh so sweet, you can never have enought teatowels when you are camping!

  5. Awww they are so sweet and pretty Mardi... a lovely little splash of color... and definitely more fun...

    Jenny x

  6. Lovely transformation x

  7. Who would have thought that something so simple as a border could make a teatowel zing? Not me, but now I know I will be prettying up my own. This is why I read blogs, great inspiration. Just popped over from Janelle by the way.

  8. What a great idea! The tea towels look so much better now! almost too nice to use!
    Popped in from Janelle's blog!

  9. these would make great gifts for my camping friends...love them...happy camping.

  10. Hi Mardi. They look great! I recognize some of that pretty fabric too, im glad you are putting it to good use:) I have also popped over from Janelles Blog because i would love to be in the chance to win a journal cover:) I know i already have a gorgeous one already but im hoping to win one for a friend of mine so i can share the love:) Thankyou Mardixx

  11. Mardi these are gorgeous and I would love to see more details on how you did this. A mini-tutorial please!!!! My camper trailer kitchen NEEDS these.
    Thanks for sharing this great idea.

  12. I would be keeping these for my kitchen at home and taking some older ones from the kitchen drawer for camping. Very cute and happy camping.

  13. Allison Winchester10:36 pm

    Such a simple but gorgeous idea....I can't sew but I think this is something that I could achieve :-)

  14. Jolly marvelous idea Mardi. You must now have the most grooviest camp kitchen of all because of these!! Love your work :-)

  15. I love these! Amazing how the little things can bring back so much life to something!

  16. Anonymous7:23 am

    Such a sweet idea what a lovely Christmas gift idea.


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