My finds this week.....

16 July 2012

I couldn't resist these few beauties this week....

Firstly this little Willow canister....I believe its part of a stackable set....but the others were missing.
I'm a sucker for anything in a retro pattern ....and I am sure it will be put to good use.

Secondly......these giant soup ramekins...I don't believe they are aged....but I just loved their colour and size.....and I have already taken left overs to work for dinner in one of them....a perfect size meal in a cup.

Then this little sweetie.... I've wanted a tiny frypan for ages....
I always think its overkill to heat up my enormous baccarat frypan to cook one little egg for lunch.
This one is a little corningware pan... I have googled to make sure.... because it does scare me to put it on a flame....but apparently its designed for says its made for gas range...oven....freezer and microwave.
(I would love someone to reassure me if you have used one)

and finally......
I found another painting...I believe its a mate to my other one.
Once again I cant see an artist signature.....but its framed identically....and seems to match beautifully.

Here they are side by side.....annoyingly the light reflected badly in this photo...ooops.
 I have plans for these and a spot all picked out...... I just need to get busy and do it.

Once again Im linking up with Sophie and Flea Market finds....
I always love to pop by and see all the gorgeous treasures that have turned up during the week.


  1. I have used my small corning ware frying pans many times on my glass top stove. Love them.

  2. Love the canister and the sunny yellow of the soup cups. I've used the Corningware pots and pans on an electric stove without anything untoward happening. Great finds!

  3. LOVE the cannister! It's sooo cool!
    I have a glass pyrex saucepan that I've used on the gas stove, but I put a gauze mat underneath (which was suggested by the instruction sheet that came with my glass pyrex percolator) to help distribute the heat. The saucepan and percolator have both survived a few uses on the stove so far, I hope it's the same for your saucepan! I bought the gauze mat from a Science Lab supplier on the internet for about $4. :)

  4. Love the frying pan, it will stand up to heat. I have a coffee perculator and use it almost daily on the gas and is going strong.

  5. Hi Marnie. Your 2nd painting is 'The Cornfield'' by John Constable. I used to have it. Can't remember what I did with it tho. Not sure if the other is by him. I'll research it. xx Sue