Happy Birthday my beautiful girl....

20 August 2012

Today our gorgeous girl turned 19 and we couldn't be prouder.

We had the usual family dinner....lots of noise.... presents....and candle blowing.

Briony chose chicken Parmigiana.... potato bake....and Chinese noodle salad.
We made a sugarfree cheesecake and an Apple crumble....
and Alex baked a delicious chocolate birthday cake which Bella helped decorate with strawberries.

I think the prize for the most inventive gift goes to Mitch.... 
Many years ago he karate chopped the neck of Brionys brand new 'baby born' doll and snapped its head off.... she has never forgotten... I think he thought it was time to make amends.
Its not a baby born...but its head is intact.... and I'm pretty sure she loves it almost as much.
Mitch has made it with love....and that makes it even more special.


  1. Wow! 19! It just seems like just yesterday that she was thirteen, Mardi! Sending huge birthday greetings.

  2. Happy Birthday to Briony... such a gorgeous birthday photo... your family dinner sounds wonderful Mardi... and just love the doll Mitch made... that would put a smile on anyone's face...

    Jenny x