What I wore....

22 August 2012

Its been a few weeks since I shared a 'What I wore' post...
I just haven't had anything new or interesting to share.
I've hit one of those wardrobe lulls where I'm sick of everything I own....and seem to be wearing the same old same old... over and over...
Perhaps that's a sign that I'm ready for a season change...or a little clothing splurge.

Jeans - Big W -  $8.00... how ridiculous!! (Yeah they aren't the finest quality....but that's fine by me)
Top - Temt
Cardi - Temt....(another in my yellow cardi stash)
Necklace - my current 'go to' favourite from One Vintage day Etsy store
Shoes - ballet flats from Big W.

What are you loving at the moment?
Id love some suggestions or links to some of your current faves.


  1. Mardi... you look gorgeous... I can't believe those jeans were only $8.00... how awesome... love your ballet flats... and of course your yellow cardi... thank you for linking the necklace too... you are a sweetie...

    Jenny x

  2. You look fabo Mardi!! Loving that yellow cardi!! I'm with you....ready for a season change and sick of my winter wardrobe!!

  3. you look pretty cool mardi, jenny necklace gives it great pops of color too...

  4. You are rockin those jeans Mardi, you look awesome:) I tried some on because i *need* a comfy outfit to wear for my trip to Brissie soon:)!

  5. love the cardi - yellow is yummy!!

  6. Anonymous9:28 am

    I can't wait for the warmer temps so I can wear some dresses and skirts again. I am a bit sick of jeans, jumpers, gloves and boots now.

    I have been lucky in finding some lovely items to buy off ebay during the last few weeks. I bought some summer dresses for only $8 each and also some cute t shirts for just $5 each.

    ebay is my favourite place because there is always great bargains to be found and my local opps shop doesn't have much variety so I hardly ever find anything there that I like.

    Have a great week and keep smiling.
    From Susan McGuire :)